The Gospel for Advent I

If you follow the traditional Lutheran lectionary in any of its various recent iterations, whether in Lutheran Service Book, The Lutheran Hymnal, Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary, or others, you know that the appointed Gospel for the quickly approaching First Sunday in Advent is that of the triumphal entry from Matthew 21, usually also read at someContinue reading “The Gospel for Advent I”

As Advent Approaches: Weekday Readings and Liturgical Notes

It was with some mild surprise that I found myself contemplating preparations for Advent. All Saints? This Sunday? I can’t imagine how this happened. So it goes. The approach of Advent frequently brings with it the planning of additional midweek services. And, as you may have guessed, the preliminary research for The Lutheran Missal hasContinue reading “As Advent Approaches: Weekday Readings and Liturgical Notes”