A Breviary Announcement

The Lutheran Missal project is excited to announce that, in addition to the missal, we are in the progress of producing a bilingual breviary that will feature side-by-side Latin and Anglo-Saxon text. The Anglo-Saxon text for Psalms 1-50 will be the prose translation of Alfred the Great, and the remainder will be that of theContinue reading “A Breviary Announcement”

Pericopal Cuttings: A Bird’s Eye View

Some of the most frequent comments and questions that we receive in our ongoing field testing are those regarding the beginning and ending points of various pericopes. It can be a little perplexing at first — an appointed Gospel may stop or start halfway through a paragraph in your Bible, or maybe the appointed PropheciesContinue reading “Pericopal Cuttings: A Bird’s Eye View”

Field Testing Update

In the two weeks since our initial request for field testing volunteers, we’ve been happy to receive nearly 150 responses. The map below displays the states in which clergy have signed up to use the temporal lectionary in congregational worship and provide feedback on a regular basis. As you can see, we have congregations inContinue reading “Field Testing Update”

The Gospel for Advent I

If you follow the traditional Lutheran lectionary in any of its various recent iterations, whether in Lutheran Service Book, The Lutheran Hymnal, Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary, or others, you know that the appointed Gospel for the quickly approaching First Sunday in Advent is that of the triumphal entry from Matthew 21, usually also read at someContinue reading “The Gospel for Advent I”

Holy Week IV: The Vigil of Easter

Sources A quick note that the Vigil of Easter, as we know it today, does not appear in its entirety in any of the Lutheran sources surveyed, though, as with other days in Holy Week, some of the chants and texts do make an appearance. Blessing of the New Fire The Easter Vigil does notContinue reading “Holy Week IV: The Vigil of Easter”

Holy Week III: Good Friday

I had hoped to put this up two days ago, but I have been happily preoccupied with our first Holy Week in which we have services Monday through Wednesday. Preliminary Notes on Sources In the interest of clarity, the services and ceremonies described below are not necessarily found in their entirety in any of theContinue reading “Holy Week III: Good Friday”

Holy Week II: Maundy Thursday

Having dealt with the peculiarities of Palm Sunday in the last post, we are going to skip over Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Holy Week for the time being, given the rather less frequent observation of these masses in comparison with Maundy Thursday. Three Masses of Maundy Thursday Near the beginning of the Middle Ages,Continue reading “Holy Week II: Maundy Thursday”

Holy Week I: Palm Sunday

With Holy Week rapidly approaching, it seems only appropriate to offer some response to the many and repeated queries about the rites and ceremonies of Holy Week. Given the complexity of the subject and the unfinished state of our research, it would seem to be unwise to try and even give some sort of provisionalContinue reading “Holy Week I: Palm Sunday”