Narrowing the Field

If we attempted to include every extant pre-Reformation missal in the pool of sources for the The Lutheran Missal, our grandchildren would likely be the ones to finish the task. In the Latin missals available to us, the combined index of sanctoral masses yields a staggering 100,000 entries—one for each mass. It was immediately clearContinue reading “Narrowing the Field”


In The Lutheran Liturgy, Dr. Reed mentions that he had physical access to three pre-Reformation missals of Germany: Nuremberg 1484, Bamberg 1498, and Constance 1505 (p. 463). The missals were housed in the Krauth Memorial Library at Philadelphia and supplied the historic basis for the Common Service. In this regard the internet has changed ourContinue reading “Usuarium”

Assisting Editors

Today we officially welcome two additional editors to The Lutheran Missal project: Matthew Carver and Fr. Stefan Gramenz. Matthew Carver is a translator of German and classical literature. His interests lie in art, orthodox Lutheran theology, liturgy, and hymnody. Matthew received a BA from California State University, Long Beach with a double major in GermanContinue reading “Assisting Editors”