In cooperation with Dr. Földváry’s organization in Hungary, we commissioned the scanning of the Osnabrück Missal, which is housed in the Osnabrück Diocese Archive. I received the PDF this morning and have been reviewing it with great interest. The Osnabrück Missal is unique for several reasons. Along with Paderborn (c. 1425), it is both handwrittenContinue reading “Osnabrück”

German Diocese Map

For the last several months, we’ve been busy cataloging the incipits for the German missals from 1475-1550. The map below is our historical reconstruction of the diocese boundaries from that time period. We didn’t originally set out to include every German diocese in our pool of sources. But after putting this map together, we realizedContinue reading “German Diocese Map”

Medieval Manuscripts

The missals of the late 15th and early 16th centuries present several difficulties to the curious but otherwise typical 21st-century reader. First, they are written in Latin, a language with no native speakers. Second, printing technology was still in its infancy, making the early manuscripts with their Gothic script and lack of white space difficultContinue reading “Medieval Manuscripts”

Volunteers Needed

The second major phase of our research involves the entry of the sanctoral calendars into the Missal database. This is no easy task, since the average Sanctorale contains about 2,200 entries. (Multiplied by 34+ sources, this means over 75,000 records.) So far Augsburg, Bamberg, and Brandenburg have been completed, but the task took nearly 6Continue reading “Volunteers Needed”

Phase 1 Complete

The first phase of our research is complete with the incorporation of all thirty-four temporal calendars into the missal database. The bulk of the 58,000+ records was previously cataloged by the Usuarium team from Hungary, saving us roughly six months of intensive effort. Allow me to explain what this means. The image above from theContinue reading “Phase 1 Complete”

Uncovering the Historic Lectionary

“Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” (Proverbs 11:14) The Church’s lectionary is not the product of a committee. It did not originate in response to a synodical resolution or a papal directive. Rather, it was created and refined by an organic process that spanned generationsContinue reading “Uncovering the Historic Lectionary”

Catholic Book Publishing

Yesterday Monsignor Alan Detscher and I drove down to New Jersey for a meeting with Catholic Book Publishing. The Monsignor, recently retired, has been editing and publishing liturgical resources for decades. I met him by chance at a clergy association lunch, and he is very interested in The Lutheran Missal project. (His collection of LutheranContinue reading “Catholic Book Publishing”