Cartographic Advancements

We’ve added a new tool to the missal database: the ability to visually represent the data for a given occasion on a diocesan map of late-medieval Germany. To illustrate the usefulness of this feature, consider the following list of gospel texts for Friday of Sexagesima: The chart above is an amazing amount of data toContinue reading “Cartographic Advancements”

Contract with Thomas Nelson

Today we signed a contract with Thomas Nelson securing the right to use the NKJV in The Lutheran Missal. The NKJV retains more of the poetic and lyrical nature of the timeless KJV text than other modern translations. Since much of the missal text will be pointed for chanting, the NKJV is likely a betterContinue reading “Contract with Thomas Nelson”

Phase 2 Complete

Today marks the completion of a major phase in our research for The Lutheran Missal. After eight months of fruitful labor, we have finished cataloging the incipits for all the sanctoral calendars (thirty-eight sources). This was a massive collaborative effort between many volunteers who worked tirelessly to enter over 78,000 records into our database. ItContinue reading “Phase 2 Complete”

Tradition: Accidental or Intentional?

Every church has it own unique traditions. For example, in one of the churches that I pastor, the Slovak families eat a special flat wafer called “holy bread” during the Christmas dinner. No one seems to know how this tradition got started. Some traditions arise purely by chance of the times. If you’ve visited AmishContinue reading “Tradition: Accidental or Intentional?”