Field Testing Update

In the two weeks since our initial request for field testing volunteers, we’ve been happy to receive nearly 150 responses. The map below displays the states in which clergy have signed up to use the temporal lectionary in congregational worship and provide feedback on a regular basis. As you can see, we have congregations inContinue reading “Field Testing Update”

Calvinistic Corruptions

Two Anglican publications have had a profound effect on the worship of nearly all English-speaking Lutherans: The King James Bible and the Book of Common Prayer (BCP). Nearly every reading, intervenient chant, and collect used in our liturgy today has come to us through one of these sources. The Encyclopaedia Britannica speaks truly when itContinue reading “Calvinistic Corruptions”

Field Testing: Beginning in Advent 2022

One of the questions we hear most frequently is this: “When can we expect the missal to be published?” We understand—you, like each one of us, are anxious to have a completed book in your hands, so that you can set it on your missal stand, open it up, and simply pray the prayers andContinue reading “Field Testing: Beginning in Advent 2022”