Tradition: Accidental or Intentional?

Every church has it own unique traditions. For example, in one of the churches that I pastor, the Slovak families eat a special flat wafer called “holy bread” during the Christmas dinner. No one seems to know how this tradition got started. Some traditions arise purely by chance of the times. If you’ve visited AmishContinue reading “Tradition: Accidental or Intentional?”


In cooperation with Dr. Földváry’s organization in Hungary, we commissioned the scanning of the Osnabrück Missal, which is housed in the Osnabrück Diocese Archive. I received the PDF this morning and have been reviewing it with great interest. The Osnabrück Missal is unique for several reasons. Along with Paderborn (c. 1425), it is both handwrittenContinue reading “Osnabrück”

German Diocese Map

For the last several months, we’ve been busy cataloging the incipits for the German missals from 1475-1550. The map below is our historical reconstruction of the diocese boundaries from that time period. We didn’t originally set out to include every German diocese in our pool of sources. But after putting this map together, we realizedContinue reading “German Diocese Map”