Lutheran Missal Blog

About two weeks ago, Fr. Stefan suggested that we start a blog for The Lutheran Missal. This was an excellent idea, but rather than starting in the middle of the project, we felt it necessary to give the history and impetus of the project from its inception.

The posts before this date have actually been written within the last week or so. They have been backdated, not for some nefarious purpose, but to provide a historical snapshot of our progress. I suggest reading the posts in chronological order (from the bottom up) beginning here.

Going forward, we plan to post short pieces on a variety of related topics, including the rationale behind our editing decisions. We hope that this blog will promote interest in The Lutheran Missal and provide a sounding board for many fruitful discussions during the course of its development.

Please subscribe to the blog to receive the latest updates via email, and certainly pass the link along to any friends or groups that may be interested.

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